More Info About Your Purchase

Generally speaking you would spend $2.5 to $5+ per framed foot to design the plans you find on this site from scratch. The majority of our prices range between $0.75 - $1.15 per heated & cooled square foot.

Will this plan build out within your budget?

Send us the plan you are interested in and we can go over an estimated price to build. Note however that many plans can have a very dramatic range of possible build prices depending upon the options you choose to go with. contact us here

Once you have purchased your plan, you will receive detailed drawings that your builder can use to send out to bids.

What Does My Purchase Include?

Your purchase includes the following pages that are stamped by licensed architects within the state of Texas.

You will receive a license to build 1 home per plan purchase and the rights to print up to 35 copies at your local printer.

You will receive the file in PDF format.

In many cases the CAD versions of these plans are available for purchase outside of the state of Texas and in some cases for areas outside of Austin.

The Process